Ella Odelin, an eco-responsible brand.
Handmade, recycled gold creations and carefully sourced, ethically sourced stones.

Cosmic jewels inspired by travel and nature, carriers of intentions.
Protective talismans, adorned with virtuous and unique stones.
Each piece has its own story, like the person who wears it.

As a child, I read the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights and dreamed in front of the illustrations of treasures and precious stones.
My mother did not wear the jewels she had but kept them carefully in a box.

When she took them out for a particular occasion, she opened this treasure chest and showed me each piece one by one.

A jewel to celebrate her 18th birthday, her marriage, each birth, a pledge of love from my Dad…
I was touched by a ring that had belonged to my grandmother whom I had not known. Holding it in my hand, I felt like a way of connecting with her.

Each piece of jewelry had a story.

It still held the symbol and the energy of that moment, of the person who had carried it.

What amazed me went beyond the beauty of the object, and even the know-how: the magic of the jewel contained in a message, an energy, an intention.

After working 5 years for jewelry brands, I then traveled the world for over a year in a quest for meaning.

During this initiatory journey, I trained in Yoga, meditation, Reiki…
This lead me to realize how the body and the spirit are intimately linked, that everything is energy and vibration.

After studying gemology, I then became interested in crystal healing and stones properties.

This is how I wanted to reconnect with my childhood love and create meaningful jewelry carrying the energy of stones, mantras, symbols, and intentions.

Now based on the Basque coast in South of France, I immerses myself in the powerful energy of this land to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and continues to imagine each piece of the collection.

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